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About two years ago, I released my first ever paid course, Learn State Machines.

It didn’t take long after that launch for me to realize just how much I enjoy teaching people to code. I find it to be quite a rewarding experience. By far the best part is just hearing the various ways the course has positively impacted people, whether in career advancement or just a general increase in satisfaction with their own code.

I learned from that experience that I really wanted to continue teaching people to write code… but I also knew that I did not want to keep building one-off course sites, marketing materials, and all the other things that go along with disparate product launches. Despite their necessity, those are not a part of the teaching process that I find particularly enjoyable.

So, almost two years ago, I started sketching out the ideas that eventually became this site.

Just a side note: if you ever listen to any advice from anyone ever about building a product or an app, they will tell you the worst thing you can do is spend forever building something in secret… oops.

But after working on this site very intermittently over the last couple years -- while juggling a full-time job, a toddler, a couple periods of burnout, and all of lifes other commitments -- I'm super excited to finally share it with you.

What’s the plan

I’ve got a list a mile long of concepts and topics that I want to cover here, with a little bit of something for all skill levels.

As for the tutorials and the blog, I’ll start by focusing largely on React, TypeScript, state machines, and core JS language features (the various ECMAScript releases).

On the course front, I have a new version of Learn State Machines ready to record soon after XState v5 is released.

And lastly, I have started working on my next course: Next.js for Beginners! It's still very much in the early stages, but I’ve been using Next.js in all of my React applications recently — including this one — and have absolutely loved working with it.

If you’re interested in keeping up with my work on Next.js for Beginners, be sure to sign up for the email list in the link above — I’ll be sending out regular progress reports, along with a discount code when the course launches.

See you around!

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