Next.js for Beginners

Learn to build and deploy lightning fast, production-ready, server-rendered React applications with Next.js.

About this course

Next.js for Beginners will teach you how to build and deploy performant, highly scalable, server-rendered React applications using Next.js.

Together, we will build "WhatsNext" — a real-time, server-rendered chat application built with Next.js and powered by GraphQL. When we're finished, we'll walk through how to deploy the application to a couple of different hosts, including Vercel and

I believe this course will be particularly useful for front-end developers who:

  • Know a little bit of React already, but want to take the next step to building scalable, production-ready applications
  • Are switching to React from traditional backend-driven architectures, like WordPress or Rails, and want to learn how to deliver server-rendered React applications
  • Are interested in understanding what Next.js can offer